onefivesix's extensive experience in installing and repairing the work of dozens of established electrical artists, gives us the know how to run an electric art hospital.  Whether it is minor maintenance work or full reconstruction of obsolete parts, onefivesix will assess the problem and provide recommendations prior to any repairs.  All of our conservation projects are compared back to archival sources that reference the original work and make use of period components whenever appropriate.  At onefivesix, we document all restoration work for inclusion in the work's chain of provenance.

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onefivesix's knowledge of the systems and 'behind the curtain' aspects of electrical art allow us to provide our clients with a great deal of engineering know how.  We furnish site assessments and recommedations as well as the electrical specifications needed for a successful install.  For larger jobs, we offer templating and cad services to ensure a high level of craft with tight tolerances.  At onefivesix, we know that communication is often the better part of good engineering.  To this end we can develop specifications and directions for the install of traveling work, or create condition reports for aging pieces.

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onefivesix provides a full spectrum of installation services, from site survey and assessment through permitting and commissioning.  We manage all aspects of the install process with the care required and the expertise needed.  Whether it is a small piece in a private collection or an international museum retrospective, onefivesix knows how it should be done and ensures that it is done right.

  • Documentation
  • Electrical specifications
  • CAD drawings
  • Archival resources 
  • Curatorial advisement
  • Procurement and management of trades

  • Permits and codes

  • Wiring and cabling

  • Programming design
  • Site assessment and oversight
  • Site-specific calibration

  • Schematics and wiring diagrams
  • Fabrication of missing or broken elements
  • Management of shipping

  • Worldwide service


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